Węże mówi po polskie – Punks and Snakes speak Polish

Time for an update! And we had some since the last post. Pretty much a year ago a new version was released with a couple of technical tweaks and featuring a Polish translation of the game (o tiu!).

In other news there was a giant interview with Igor Hardy on Rock, Paper Shotgun’s ‘Punk’s Not Dead‘ series. Recommended read!

The game appeared evem on the infamous IGF Pirate Kart 2012.

Meanwhile, Baron released two new freeware games Wages of Darkness and Draculator II. Both strongly recommended (and the latter won Baron an award for innovation)!

When Igor stops being so disgustingly lazy he’ll hopefully show some of his new project two. Be vigilant!

The Snakes out.

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What’s been going on? – articles, awards, interviews

Most people who come here grab quickly their box of snakes and are gone again, so I didn’t bother to update the site regularly (I did for our FB page though).  But now I’ve managed to steal this lovely image on the left from a new article about Snakes of Avalon and it’s certainly worth displaying here with pride.

Anyways, here are some cool new Snakes-related events that happened on the web since January (+ some older interviews I didn’t advertise here much):

INTERVIEWS: Continue reading

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A Merry Snakes of Avalon Soundtrack

Happy holidays, everyone! Behold the gift The Snakes have prepared for you:

Includes such contemporary hits as Blood Blood Blood, Evil Fishes, Life Flashes by Before The Alcoholics Eye and The Salty Aftertaste of Revenge. As well as the most controversial song of them all – Girls Are Bitches by Ashley Johnston

Grab it before it melts, and leave 6 pennies for our trouble!

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More Snakes in your Press

Some new coverage of Snakes of Avalon has emerged! And it’s all very very nice and positive!

“Most games get a recommendation based on the way they play, but Snakes of Avalon is worth experiencing simply for the world it presents. It’s weird and dark and may just contain a deep, hidden message.”


“It’s a bit difficult to classify Snakes of Avalon – it’s quite a unique game, very impressive cinematically, pretty good from an adventure gaming point of view. I’d definitely recommend that you give it a look.”

Captain D’s Blog

“The guys behind the development of the free Flash point-and-click game weren’t kidding when they say that Snakes of Avalon is a drinking man’s game. This girl adventurer didn’t enjoy this game with her favorite lager, but she did enjoy it with her Vitamin Water and is still having a blast playing.”

Casual Review

Continue reading

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Press about Snakes

For vanity’s history’s sake I compiled a list of Snakes of Avalon reviews and mentions in the press so far, as well as interviews with us – the creators – and finally a couple of player opinions. I wouldn’t mind if there were many more to come. 😉

Have a look, especially if so far you couldn’t decide if you want to play the game.


Adventure games are often hailed as the best genre for storytelling, but I have often found the stories told, while enjoyable, to be light to a fault. Grim Fandango is probably the only time that I’ve found the story of an adventure game to transcend its gameplay; to be a story worth telling in any medium. So I was very pleased to find that Snakes of Avalon has a rich story with layered themes, and would recommend it to any gamer who might enjoy the same.


It’s an odd one. It’s completely, unreservedly bonkers. A lot of the time I didn’t have the faintest clue what was going on. Some of the puzzles are ridiculous. But the art style is intriguing, and its bizarre sense of humour strangely arresting. I like it a lot, even though I’m not quite sure why.

PC Gamer

Oh, and the thing does look delightfully odd too, with its deeply cartoon-like art, smart animation, brilliant cut-scenes and lovely background art, though admittedly the music is what will really blow you away. Provided you enjoy your Jazz, that is. And if you prefer listening to it from a dear old scratched record than say one of those mp3 thingies, you’ll be in musical heaven.

Gnome’s Lair

Continue reading

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Snakes of Avalon Ver. 2.01 + Consider Donating

1. For players who experienced bugs while using bulbs after time-traveling in the third act of the game, and for players wouldn’t like to risk experiencing said bugs – this new version fixes all that, as well as tweaks a few other minor things.

DOWNLOAD the new version HERE

But also…

2. Snakes of Avalon is a freeware game with an amazing original soundtrack and touches of brilliance all around, as you probably can tell. 🙂

If you enjoyed it, please consider donating, so that these humble penniless game designers can pay for servers, contest entry fees, beer etc. But most importantly, so they feel their game is appreciated.

Donors will be also eligible to get all sorts of cool Snakes of Avalon gadgets (when/if we get any), best deals for future HardyDev associated games, and… more cool things.

Note: If anyone is curious why the game is above version 2.0 already… The game started as an entry for the MAGS monthly AGS competition and it was a very different, very bare bones experience back then.

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Snakes of Avalon – a glimpse at first 2 minutes

For all of you who didn’t find the teaser trailer sufficient and need to watch another video before playing:


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We kept lying to you about the release for 2 months, but here it is happening at last:


And Happy Hallucinating!

We’ll be grateful for sending us your evaluations of the Avalon experience, so send emails to igor.hardy at hardydev.com.

Also, more goodies to appear on this site, so visit us again in a while!

Also, more goodies to appear on this site, so visit us again in a while!

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Just adding the final polish…

Game is playable from start to finish. Looks and sounds good too. We’re spending the weekend making sure it’s all perfect.

Release – early next week!

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Still alive…

Still discovering unexpected bumps on the way to release, but the last day of August will have to be the final day we are allowing ourselves to do any substantial changes in the one unfinished segment that keeps us from releasing the game.

After that, we’re just need a day to take a breath and then you’ll be finally able to see if the long time of waiting was worth it.

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