Kings like heat, but Snakes don’t

Snakes of Avalon logo/poster/something

I’m sorry that this post didn’t come a couple of days earlier, but I just wasn’t in a situation when I can freely sit in front of a computer.

In short, the unexpectedly high temperatures and some other events managed to accomplish the impossible – our team is late. Either the 8th, or the 9th August will have to do for the new release date. Meanwhile, to not have your July completely lazy, I recommend having a look at the just released freeware and 3D King’s Quest 9 (which I did) and before you know it we will definitely deliver our Snakes to keep you warm for the remainder of the holiday season. The game hasn’t been compared to Leisure Suit Larry for nothing after all.

Note: Thanks to evenwolf an Terranrich for cool ideas how to improve the Snakes logo above

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