Snakes of Avalon Ver. 2.01 + Consider Donating

1. For players who experienced bugs while using bulbs after time-traveling in the third act of the game, and for players wouldn’t like to risk experiencing said bugs – this new version fixes all that, as well as tweaks a few other minor things.

DOWNLOAD the new version HERE

But also…

2. Snakes of Avalon is a freeware game with an amazing original soundtrack and touches of brilliance all around, as you probably can tell. 🙂

If you enjoyed it, please consider donating, so that these humble penniless game designers can pay for servers, contest entry fees, beer etc. But most importantly, so they feel their game is appreciated.

Donors will be also eligible to get all sorts of cool Snakes of Avalon gadgets (when/if we get any), best deals for future HardyDev associated games, and… more cool things.

Note: If anyone is curious why the game is above version 2.0 already… The game started as an entry for the MAGS monthly AGS competition and it was a very different, very bare bones experience back then.

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8 Responses to Snakes of Avalon Ver. 2.01 + Consider Donating

  1. Urizen says:

    Amazing game, 2 hours ago i’ve never heard of it, now I am SO GLAD i checked it out! Excelent work, one of the best graphic adventure i’ve ever played, the story and gameplay just felt so natural.

    • The Snakes says:

      Thanks. We’re happy you enjoyed our game so much.

      I also think it’s brilliant you had such a total surprise. Nevertheless, I hope Snakes will become a better known title with time.

  2. rostok says:

    wow! a very classy piece. thanks for the game, i really liked it. hope you will keep up the good work. and btw the talking mug was marvelous!

    • The Snakes says:

      Thanks. Everyone congratulates us about the mug (Alex’s creation)! 😀

      Alex has actually made many great games already. I recommend checking out The Winter Rose, Besieged and Charlie Foxtrot.

      You can also try my lengthy demo for Frantic Franko. It even won some kind of demo award. 🙂

      Finally, you can hear more great music by Thomas in Blackwell Unbound, Blackwell Convergence and Emerald City Confidential adventure games. Though these games are commercial (which means really classy!).

  3. bottle says:

    I’m not sure if it is appropriate to comment “old” news, but I start playing the game yesterday (I know I’m late, sorry ;-)).
    And for a bottle who (sometimes) likes to get drunk the beginning is absolutely fabulous! 😀

    So far it is a wonderful game and I am looking forward to what is coming next. Great job!

    • The Snakes says:

      Thanks for the kind words. Would be great to hear your opinion when you finish the whole game.

      • bottle says:

        I reached the end today and really enjoyed playing this wonderful and weird game! 😀
        With the graphics and the fantastic music you have created a great atmosphere, and I also belong to the people who love the talking mug (maybe he should get married to a talking wine glass? 😉 ).

        So, many thanks for your efforts in making this very nice game! 🙂

        • The Snakes says:

          We’re very glad you liked our drunken game ideas. 🙂 If we (that is Alex and/or me) release some new title, I’ll be sure to post about it here and on

          Oh, and please do recommend Snakes of Avalon to other people. Spreading the game seems even more difficult than making it.

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