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For vanity’s history’s sake I compiled a list of Snakes of Avalon reviews and mentions in the press so far, as well as interviews with us – the creators – and finally a couple of player opinions. I wouldn’t mind if there were many more to come. 😉

Have a look, especially if so far you couldn’t decide if you want to play the game.


Adventure games are often hailed as the best genre for storytelling, but I have often found the stories told, while enjoyable, to be light to a fault. Grim Fandango is probably the only time that I’ve found the story of an adventure game to transcend its gameplay; to be a story worth telling in any medium. So I was very pleased to find that Snakes of Avalon has a rich story with layered themes, and would recommend it to any gamer who might enjoy the same.

It’s an odd one. It’s completely, unreservedly bonkers. A lot of the time I didn’t have the faintest clue what was going on. Some of the puzzles are ridiculous. But the art style is intriguing, and its bizarre sense of humour strangely arresting. I like it a lot, even though I’m not quite sure why.

PC Gamer

Oh, and the thing does look delightfully odd too, with its deeply cartoon-like art, smart animation, brilliant cut-scenes and lovely background art, though admittedly the music is what will really blow you away. Provided you enjoy your Jazz, that is. And if you prefer listening to it from a dear old scratched record than say one of those mp3 thingies, you’ll be in musical heaven.

Gnome’s Lair

There’s a certain feature in games that I don’t believe has been fully explored to date which is main characters that go out of control, and it is fully enforced in Snakes Of Avalon. Jack is feeble and unpredictable. […]

All in all, Snakes Of Avalon is more than worth your time. It has an original setting and main character, and a very creative design. It’s also darned funny since I must confess that I really laughed out loud a couple of times. And it’s free. What else can you ask for?

Slightly Deranged

Reviews in Polish:

Independent Gamer’s Blog

Przygodoskop (Adventurescope)


Igor Hardy and Baron’s Snakes of Avalon is a dark and twisted comedy. The bright and crisp cartoon characters, all with sharp black outlines, stand out well against the softer and more muted style of the background art. As well as in-game sound effects and fully-voiced cutscenes, the game also features a soundtrack from Thomas Regin of Blackwell Convergence fame.

Adventure Gamers

IndieGames Blog



In turns funny, sad, and bizzare.

jet_manifesto, MetaFilter

My power supply died while I was playing snakes of avalon! That is how hard it rocked.

maxwell, TIGForums

This ranged from funny (found myself laughing out loud) to just plain scary (I actually jumped in my seat a little during a couple parts), and I was drawn into the game right from the beginning when Jack was trying to tell his story.

KniteBlargh, GameJolt

[…] it actually goes beyond classics like Monkey island and others, this partly comes down to the more adult-themed storyline (without just cheaping out with sex or gore), and that certain feeling of dread/uncertainty wether you are doing the right thing. I especially loved the “good conscience” and the time travel parts.

VomitOnLino, TIGForums

The attention given to the aural and visual qualities of the different spaces within the one room of the bar was incredible. Also, with the third act especially as an example, attention was given to the way in which people inhabit these spaces, and project themselves into these spaces: their conscious and subconscious selves, their memories, their hopes, and narratives.

Terabin, Adventure Gamers


Cultural Zest

CaptainD’s PC Gaming Blog

In Polish:


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