More Snakes in your Press

Some new coverage of Snakes of Avalon has emerged! And it’s all very very nice and positive!

“Most games get a recommendation based on the way they play, but Snakes of Avalon is worth experiencing simply for the world it presents. It’s weird and dark and may just contain a deep, hidden message.”


“It’s a bit difficult to classify Snakes of Avalon – it’s quite a unique game, very impressive cinematically, pretty good from an adventure gaming point of view. I’d definitely recommend that you give it a look.”

Captain D’s Blog

“The guys behind the development of the free Flash point-and-click game weren’t kidding when they say that Snakes of Avalon is a drinking man’s game. This girl adventurer didn’t enjoy this game with her favorite lager, but she did enjoy it with her Vitamin Water and is still having a blast playing.”

Casual Review

“A short adventure game with a whole lot of dark comedy, drinking, and possibly a guy who refuses to leave the loo. You start off more than a bit tipsy at the bar, unable to buy another drink, and believe it or not, things go south from there as you discover a murder plot. Four acts to play through, filled with hallucinations, surreal events, and a lot of mystery. This is one weird game.”

Jay is Games

“Australia has a lot of snakes. Avalon apparently has more. The pitch-perfect humour and blatant popular media references alone make this a must-play, not to mention the spectacular atmosphere!”


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