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Most people who come here grab quickly their box of snakes and are gone again, so I didn’t bother to update the site regularly (I did for our FB page though).  But now I’ve managed to steal this lovely image on the left from a new article about Snakes of Avalon and it’s certainly worth displaying here with pride.

Anyways, here are some cool new Snakes-related events that happened on the web since January (+ some older interviews I didn’t advertise here much):


by The AGS Blog

by Cultural Zest

by Captain D’s Blog

by Adventure-Zone (in Polish!)


Gutter Comfort: How Snakes of Avalon became the flawed hero of indie games

What are the Polish Indyans up to? (in Polish)


First we got into Top 10 best indie adventure games of 2010 at IndieGames.com. And a bit later Snakes of Avalon received whooping 9 nominations in AGS Awards 2010, but got ultimately beaten in 8 of them by the indeed excellent The Journey Down and in dialog writing by Eternally Us (live footage from the event here). Nevertheless, we then have beaten Eternally Us in return in the annual MAGGIES (Best MAGS Game) competition and got the trophy visible in the sidebar.

Oh, and supposedly as a yet another MAGGIES reward we will be admitted to the newly forming knightly Order of the Maggots. 🙂




Zombie Apocalypse

Dancing Dame, Drunk Detective


Queek.ru (in Russian)

Here’s that last review translated to English by Anatoly Shashkin:

The creative span of the project is truly impressive – it’s a ballad of a spiritual battle between a hardened drunk and the rest of the world, a small detective mystery that takes place in the static setting… with its own (and a very personal) skeleton in the closet, a hallucinogenic trip diluted in situational comedy, a bloody thriller about relationships between fathers and sons, a parable about the inner demons that have read plenty of science fiction in their spare time and have gone nuts for time travel…

And if Futurama’s Bender made stealing the coolest of all crimes in his time, then “Snakes of Avalon” can be recognized as an almanac of one’s soul redemption though a prism of intoxication, and one more way to do a reality check using just a glass of stale beer… The mechanics and the execution of the idea …are quite simple – an adventure with a sloppy graphic style and no inventory overload + humor that’s not crude + memorable characters + non-stop jazz & soul.

Finally, a small request: join that lonely FaceBook page of ours, will ya? Updates about Snakes Polish translation and about what Alex has been cooking in the last few months will appear in the near future. 🙂

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