A Bout of….

dulcis dulcis

Designed and Coded by: Igor Hardy, Baron
The Soundtrack written and produced by: Thomas Regin (& a few friends)

Snakes of Avalon is a humorous point & click adventure game about the futileness of life and love of drink. It mixes the style and atmosphere of Hitchcock suspense films with a surreal game world from your favorite trippy movies.

Snakes of Avalon goes recommended by the likes of PC Gamer, Rock, Paper, Shotgun and Gamezebo.

Lairs of Snakes’ Authors:
Adventure Game Studio forums

Email contact:
igor at hardydev.com

If you’ll enjoy the game, the soundtrack, or anything at all, please consider donating, so that these humble penniless game developers can pay for servers, game contests entry fees, beer etc. But most importantly, so they feel their game is appreciated.

3 Responses to A Bout of….

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  2. damia says:

    I have a problem with launching your game. It is caused because my notebook is not allowed to work in over 1280×800 resolution. How can I resolve this problem?

    • The Snakes says:

      Open setup.exe and turn the 2x scaling setting to no scaling – the game will run in a 640×480 window then. You can also set the game to run full screen.

      Just don’t mess with the DirectX options, because it can produce visual artifacts within the game.

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