It WILL be out soon!

The repeated delays are probably a bit disappointing for you (there certainly are for us), but the last week all hell broke loose and all sorts of nasty disk failures befall my computer. This didn’t affect any of the Snakes files (have them backed up anyway), but I rarely experience such problematic malfunctions as this one and I was stuck with it for several days.
The (other) unfortunate consequence is that we need an additional week to finish off Snakes.

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Kings like heat, but Snakes don’t

Snakes of Avalon logo/poster/something

I’m sorry that this post didn’t come a couple of days earlier, but I just wasn’t in a situation when I can freely sit in front of a computer.

In short, the unexpectedly high temperatures and some other events managed to accomplish the impossible – our team is late. Either the 8th, or the 9th August will have to do for the new release date. Meanwhile, to not have your July completely lazy, I recommend having a look at the just released freeware and 3D King’s Quest 9 (which I did) and before you know it we will definitely deliver our Snakes to keep you warm for the remainder of the holiday season. The game hasn’t been compared to Leisure Suit Larry for nothing after all.

Note: Thanks to evenwolf an Terranrich for cool ideas how to improve the Snakes logo above

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UPDATE tomorrow

Snakes are a bit late, but still coming, stay put…

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Weeks, just weeks before you arrive at your personal Avalon! The big premiere is scheduled for either the 16th or the 17th of July, but will be postponed till the 31th if I notice any of you isn’t enthusiastic enough about it! So spread the word, and be seeing you there!

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Snakes of Avalon YouTube HD TRAILER

If the Vimeo version below doesn’t work for you, here’s a YouTube one. High Res, but at the price of a few small glitches and diminished sfx.

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Snakes of Avalon TEASER TRAILER

Snakes of Avalon – Teaser Trailer from Igor Hardy on Vimeo.

Music by Thomas Regin of North by Sound
known for his work on games like Blackwell Unbound, Blackwell Convergence and Emerald City Confidential

Very Special Thanks to the Snakes’ voices:

Jack – Drew Wellman
Vivien Lee – Laidy Byrd
policeman #1 – Justin Franklin
Lt. LUH – Natalia “Milena” Radina
Bob Lee – Justin Franklin

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Story Overview

A game designed, written and coded by: Baron & Igor Hardy
With music by Thomas Regin

Jack’s typical, peaceful day in Avalon is slowly turning into a nightmare. First, he lost all his money much sooner than expected. Then he overheard a pair of deranged maniacs plotting a terrible murder. Jack feels obligated to interfere with these evil plans. Too bad he is a hopeless addict, a complete drunkard, who barely manages not to kill himself while walking around the bar and not getting a heart attack when being harassed by all sorts of weird creatures. His troubles with a weak bladder go without saying.

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Snakes of Avalon slither into the infinite web!

Not much else to tell in this first post, but if this site’s is overly bare to you, remember to visit our main domain for the incredible vastness of indie adventure gaming goodiness.

Also, read our About.

Snakes’ Premiere: Mid July 2010

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