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“It’s an odd one. It’s completely, unreservedly bonkers. A lot of the time I didn’t have the faintest clue what was going on. Some of the puzzles are ridiculous. But the art style is intriguing, and its bizarre sense of humour strangely arresting. I like it a lot, even though I’m not quite sure why.”

PC Gamer

“Most games get a recommendation based on the way they play, but Snakes of Avalon is worth experiencing simply for the world it presents. It’s weird and dark and may just contain a deep, hidden message.”


There’s a certain feature in games that I don’t believe has been fully explored to date which is main characters that go out of control, and it is fully enforced in Snakes Of Avalon. Jack is feeble and unpredictable. […]

All in all, Snakes Of Avalon is more than worth your time. It has an original setting and main character, and a very creative design. It’s also darned funny since I must confess that I really laughed out loud a couple of times. And it’s free. What else can you ask for?

Slightly Deranged

“My favorite point & click adventure game since Time Gentlemen, Please! Snakes of Avalon”


“Adventure games are often hailed as the best genre for storytelling, but I have often found the stories told, while enjoyable, to be light to a fault. Grim Fandango is probably the only time that I’ve found the story of an adventure game to transcend its gameplay; to be a story worth telling in any medium. So I was very pleased to find that Snakes of Avalon has a rich story with layered themes, and would recommend it to any gamer who might enjoy the same.”

“It’s a bit difficult to classify Snakes of Avalon – it’s quite a unique game, very impressive cinematically, pretty good from an adventure gaming point of view. I’d definitely recommend that you give it a look.”

Captain D’s Blog

“Oh, and the thing does look delightfully odd too, with its deeply cartoon-like art, smart animation, brilliant cut-scenes and lovely background art, though admittedly the music is what will really blow you away. Provided you enjoy your Jazz, that is. And if you prefer listening to it from a dear old scratched record than say one of those mp3 thingies, you’ll be in musical heaven.”

Gnome’s Lair

“A short adventure game with a whole lot of dark comedy, drinking, and possibly a guy who refuses to leave the loo. You start off more than a bit tipsy at the bar, unable to buy another drink, and believe it or not, things go south from there as you discover a murder plot. Four acts to play through, filled with hallucinations, surreal events, and a lot of mystery. This is one weird game.”

Jay is Games

“Australia has a lot of snakes. Avalon apparently has more. The pitch-perfect humour and blatant popular media references alone make this a must-play, not to mention the spectacular atmosphere!”


“Igor Hardy and Baron’s Snakes of Avalon is a dark and twisted comedy. The bright and crisp cartoon characters, all with sharp black outlines, stand out well against the softer and more muted style of the background art. As well as in-game sound effects and fully-voiced cutscenes, the game also features a soundtrack from Thomas Regin of Blackwell Convergence fame.”

Adventure Gamers

“A thread of magic realism penetrates the internal logic of the game in a way that makes everything that happens to Jack still seem human-size and understandable. All in all, the game is a helter-skelter collage of events and occurrences that ultimately render its otherwise tragic protagonist a sympathetic – and quite a bit heroic – figure, even if only for a fleeting moment.”

The Slowdown

“There is lots of talk of murder and the like, and you’ll be trying to stop it in between the drinking. There’s some mental stuff going on here. A moose. Superhuman strength. Some guy in the toilet who just won’t come out.”

IndieGames Blog

“The guys behind the development of the free Flash point-and-click game weren’t kidding when they say that Snakes of Avalon is a drinking man’s game. This girl adventurer didn’t enjoy this game with her favorite lager, but she did enjoy it with her Vitamin Water and is still having a blast playing.”

Casual Review

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