The Salty Soundtrack

Snakes of Avalon Soundtrack created by Thomas Regin

Includes such contemporary hits as Blood Blood Blood, Evil Fishes, Life Flashes by Before The Alcoholics Eye and The Salty Aftertaste of Revenge. As well as the most controversial song of them all – Girls Are Bitches by Ashley Johnston

Pick the version you like:

Snakes of Avalon OST OGG

Snakes of Avalon OST MP3

If you’ll enjoy the game, the soundtrack, or anything at all, please consider donating, so that these humble penniless game developers can pay for servers, game contests entry fees, beer etc. But most importantly, so they feel their game is appreciated.

7 Responses to The Salty Soundtrack

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  5. Qwantu says:

    What are the Jazz tracks?

    • The Snakes says:

      Full names of the songs available on the printable cover. They’re old recordings from the 1920s – pretty much jazz standards. The same ones you hear within the game.

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